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Since the inception of our parent company Saritha Dental Clinic in 1985, our vision has always been to go beyond the ordinary in order to create treatment opportunities for challenging dental cases. Quite often a dental practitioner’s treatment options are limited by his definite skill set. At Saritha Implants & Aesthetic Dentistry (SIAD), we have the most comprehensive and advanced expertise in handling complex dental problems.

Our team of specialists represents a perfect mix of the young and experienced. They constantly update themselves on the latest developments in the field to deliver treatments on par with global standards. Our treatments are greatly improved by our commitment to understand patient problems holistically. First and foremost, we LISTEN to you and tailor our treatment plans to your specific requirements and budgets.


To be a premier centre for speciality dental care in India and around the world.

Saritha dental


To deliver distinctive dental care while cultivating research and innovation to uplift the standards of dental healthcare in India.


We are guided by the following core values:


Upon the dignity of every person


To deliver holistic healing with care


To uphold the highest standards of dentistry


To inspire oral healthcare in the community

The Lotus Motif

The lotus holds immense spiritual weight in many Eastern cultures and is specially revered in Buddhism and Hinduism. This beautiful, unique flower is a symbol not just of revival, but also faith and resilience. This belief springs from the daily cycle of the lotus. The lotus bloom has its roots in murky stagnant waters and each night, the flower submerges itself in the same to emerge without a trace of grime in the morning. This incredible cycle of immaculate rebirth has closely associated this flower with the purity of soul. Adding onto its story of resilience is the fact that lotus seeds have an incredible capacity to regenerate and seeds that have been planted after a 2 century hibernation period have successfully bloomed. Just like this incredible flower that is so intricately associated with our identities, we at SIAD believe that there is a beautiful smile hiding beneath the murk of a seemingly irreversible disease. We endeavour to provide a solution to every case that has been termed a dental cripple and create lasting, immaculate health.

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